memoQ is the world's most advanced translation tool for translators and reviewers.

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After winning the ITI’s (Institution of Translation and Interpreting) ‘Best Translation Software 2011’ award and being rated #1 by Common Sense Advisory among translation-centric TMS systems and appreciated by thousands of freelance and in-house translators, memoQ is quickly gaining popularity in the field of translation technology.

No matter whether you work with files in the original file formats or with project packages from other translation tools, you can use memoQ to guarantee timely delivery, high productivity and customer satisfaction, either in a stand-alone version or in a server version.

  1. REPRODUCIBILITY. The principle of reproducibility means that with memoQ you can automatically retrieve everything that you have translated before.
  2. EASE OF USE. If you are a translator, everything you need for translation is available and integrated into the translation interface. Customizable filters ensure proper import of various document types--like Microsoft Office™ files, HTML, Adobe FrameMaker™, Adobe InDesign™, XLIFF, XML, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Typo3, and many others--like a charm. You can define what information you don'’t want to import, and how to serialize the content. You can also cope with complicated file formats, such as XML embedded into Excel.
  3. CUSTOMIZABILITY. You don’'t have to give up your habits: If you are used to working with shortcuts from other tools, you can customize the same shortcuts in memoQ. Vertical or horizontal translation editor? Re-shape the translation editor as you wish.
  4. REPLACEMENT FOR OTHER TOOLS. One of Kilgray’s core principles is that users should not be locked in. So, whether you receive .TTX files, bilingual .DOC or XLIFF files, SDL Worldserver, Transit packages or Wordfast files, you can translate them in memoQ.
  5. LEVERAGE. Leverage is the amount of information you can re-use from your translation resources, such as translation memories, term bases, reference materials, corpora, auto-correct lists, ignore lists and so on. If you translate with memoQ, you will see that a variety of resources are available to help you.
  6. LIVEDOCS. LiveDocs is one of the key leverage concepts that memoQ brings to the translation industry. It cuts the cost of ownership, adds more value to your usage of tools, and ensures high quality resources through a set of features called LiveAlign™, ActiveTM™, Library™, ezAttach™. Don'’t spend any more time aligning segments you don’'t need. memoQ’s LiveAlign™ technology shifts alignment into the translation workflow. memoQ aligns the segments needed on the fly in the translation grid, performing the bulk of the work automatically but still allowing human intervention to fine-tune the results. Only those segments will be saved into your translation memory that are actually used. Working with the other three LiveDocs features, handling reference material and context searches is easier. Much easier.
  7. TERM EXTRACTION. Term candidates can now be extracted easily from all sorts of content in memoQ: translation documents, LiveDocs corpora, and translation memories.
  8. ALL SORTS OF CONVENIENCE FEATURES. Global Find and Replace, filtering and sorting, real-time spell-checking, automatic saving, multiple level undo and redo, AutoCorrect and other convenience features bring you the best software experience a translator can get.
  9. SUPPORT. You might not need this feature, but if you do, you will experience Kilgray’s acclaimed support.

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The license fee is EUR 620 / USD 770 that includes one year of free support and upgrades. You can still use the software after the expiry of the support and upgrade period, but support and upgrades will not be available. You can extend your support and upgrade period for another year by paying a fee that is 20% of the current list price of the license.