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Updating/upgrading your memoQ

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memoQWeb 2014 is part of the memoQ server 2014 installer!

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1. memoQ translator pro

You can download a full-featured 45-days trial version of memoQ translator pro free of charge.

  • Once this evaluation period expires, you can buy the full-featured memoQ translator pro license by clicking on the memoQ translator pro item in the Kilgray webshop
  • If you don't need memoQ translator pro, you can use memoQ 4free free of charge forever, with a lot of features limited
  • Before installing memoQ, please read the Installation and Activation Guide first. Installation is straightforward, but this guide helps you if you are in trouble.
  • Before start using memoQ, you need to activate your license. Please note that you won’t receive any e-mail notification about your activation. Your memoQ license will be activated through the internet.
  • If you are a translator who bought memoQ and want to use it on two computers, please use the serial number on your invoice, with the extension -002 instead of -001 on the second computer.
  • If you have firewall issues, you can also activate it manually, contacting Kilgray’s support services.

If you install, re-install, migrate or upgrade your memoQ translator pro, make sure to back up your data. Please also make sure that you read the installation/activation, and upgrade manuals on the user guides page.


2. memoQ server

You can download a full-featured 30-days trial version of memoQ server free of charge.

  • Please note that the memoQ server can only be activated after discussing your needs with a Kilgray representative. Fill out the following form to request a memoQ server license.
  • If you are setting up a memoQ server, download both the client and the server versions and unzip the contents of the server package.
  • If you cannot activate your license automatically or you encounter any other issues, please read the Installation and Activation Guide first.
  • Should you not find the answer to your question there, contact the support team.

If you upgrade, migrate or re-install your memoQ server, make sure to back up your data. Please also make sure that you read the server installation, server migration and server upgrade manuals on the user guides page.


3. memoQWeb = qTerm + memoQWebTrans

memoQWeb is a suite of web-based translation products built on memoQ server. The memoQWeb suite consists memoQWebTrans and qTerm.

  • memoQWebTrans is a web-based translation and reviewing tool for editing documents in online projects published by memoQ server.
  • qTerm is a web-based terminology management system to create, manage, and review advanced term bases. PLEASE NOTE: if you want to give a try to qTerm, fill out the following form first.
  • The following pages describe how you can install the memoQWeb suite, including system requirements, prerequisites, the installation process itself, activation and troubleshooting.
  • You might acquire a license for one of these products, or both of them. You need to install the same package, regardless of the product or products you acquired.
  • Should you have any question regarding the installation and usage of memoQWeb, please contact us.


4. memoQ cloud

memoQ cloud is software as a service (SaaS). The server works the same way as when installed and offers the same feature set. The main difference is that you don’t need to download and install the memoQ server software and you don’t need to rent or purchase physical servers. Read more about memoQ cloud here.
memoQ translator pro and memoQ project manager licenses available for use with memoQ cloud. At least one memoQ project manager license is required.
memoQ cloud includes the memoQ WebTrans interface. Users can also connect with the installed memoQ client (translator pro, project manager), too.
You can sign up now for a one month free trial with memoQ cloud, no download is required. Register or sign in to Language Terminal and on your profile, click the memoQ tab.


5. Update/upgrade your memoQ

We recommend that you always use the latest build of memoQ.

  • Since Kilgray develops memoQ continuously, it is worth visiting our home page and downloading the latest build of memoQ every month.
  • The automatic update program built into memoQ also does this for you if you are not restricted by a firewall. Please note that the automatic update program does not warn you about new versions, only about new builds.
  • When you are updating from one version to another, updates do not affect your previous projects, translation memories or term bases, you don’t need to worry about losing any data from your previous translation jobs. However, you cannot go back to a previous version unless you make a backup. Also, it is advised to finish your ongoing jobs before upgrading to a new version or build.
  • Check out the upgrade policy to see whether you are entitled to free upgrades to major memoQ versions.
  • Should you not find the answer to your questions, please contact the support team.