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What is memoQ

memoQ is an integrated localization/translation environment that optimizes the productivity of translation and localization.

memoQ translator pro is designed for freelance translators and reviewers who work on their own, or with other translators in team translation projects. It enables translators to connect to the memoQ server.

No matter whether your clients give you files in the original file formats or supply you with project packages in other translation tools, you can use memoQ to guarantee timely delivery, high productivity and customer satisfaction.


Why do I need memoQ translator pro

If you work with memoQ, you can...

  • retrieve everything automatically that you have translated before.
  • translate various file formats without learning to use a new tool. Customizable filters ensure proper import of various document types like Microsoft Office files, HTML, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker, XLIFF, XML, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Typo3, and many others. You can define what information you don’t want to import, and how to serialize the content. You can also cope with complicated file formats, such as XML embedded into Excel. Learn more about supported file formats.
  • use memoQ as your single translation tool and work with more clients. Whether you receive .TTX or SDLXLIFF files, bilingual .DOC or XLIFF files, SDL (SDLPPX), SDL Worldserver, Transit packages or Wordfast files, you can translate them in memoQ.
  • reuse your existing translations immediately with LiveDocs. While other tools require you to perform alignment on documents that you translated outside translation tools, memoQ allows you to simply add these documents to a project and immediately begin to reuse your previous translations. No preparation is required, making memoQ ideal for those new to translation tools.
  • customize your tool. If you are used to working with shortcuts from other translation tools, you can customize the same shortcuts in memoQ. Vertical or horizontal translation editor? Re-shape the translation editor as you wish.
  • change gears with the Language Terminal (available from memoQ 6.2 only). Using a cloud-based file filter, the customer platform connects to an InDesign server in the background to upload INDD, INX or IDML files. Wait until the service processes it, and get a translatable Adobe InDesign file with a preview by connecting to the platform. Back up projects to the customer platform cloud, and restore these even on another computer with an internet connection, without having to move the files manually.
  • feel safer. If you don't trust the cloud, you can save projects on your computer. memoQ automatically saves your documents every few minutes and if you close a project and open it the next day, the same documents will open and memoQ will take you to the same location.
  • get free upgrades and four hours of support for one year. If this one year period expires, you can continue working with your existing version of memoQ. If you wish to upgrade or get support, you'll need to get a support and upgrade package for another year for 20% of the license price

Learn more about the other convenient features and concepts that make memoQ the ideal choice for translators.


How do I get started

memoQ is easy to use and you can be up and running within an hour even if you don’t have experience using translation tools. We offer free webinars, quick start guides and training videos to help you understand the tool.

memoQ is available in two editions:

  • memoQ translator pro provides all local functionality available in memoQ, enables translators to connect to the memoQ server. Users are entitled to free upgrades and four hours of support for one year.
  • memoQ 4free is meant for translators who do not do their living from translation. As a result of its restricted translation memory and term base functionality you cannot reuse your existing translations, cannot connect to memoQ servers etc. Customer support is not included either. For more information on restrictions, click here.


Download & try

You can download the fully functional memoQ trial license from our website for 45 days.

After the expiry of the trial period it reverts to memoQ 4free mode. Both editions have the same installer.


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