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When you work in the translation grid, each segment has a status: not started, edited, confirmed, pre-translated, MT translated.

Here is what each icon means:

This segment was machine-translated

This segment was confirmed by a user in the translator role

This segment was confirmed by the project manager or the Reviewer 2 role (proofread)

This segment is empty or not started

This segment was pre-translated using TMs and/or LiveDocs corpora

This segment has a QA warning. Double click the icon to display the warning message

Comment: click the icon to leave a comment for the entire row, the source or target segment

This segment has an active comment

Start a discussion on the row

This segment has an active discussion


Discussions might not be available: memoQWeb will not show the discussion icons if the discussions are disabled on the entire server, or you are member of a group that is excluded from discussions. If you believe you should be able to view or start discussions, contact your project manager or server administrator.